‘I lacked respect’: PM Trudeau apologizes for response to protester

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized for a “lack of respect” he showed towards a protester who confronted him about mercury contamination in a First Nation community during a Liberal fundraiser in Toronto.

During a media scrum in Halifax on Thursday morning, Trudeau said he always tries to be respectful and to engage with protesters in a “positive” way, but admitted he didn’t do that the night before.

“Last night I lacked respect towards them and I apologize for that,” he said.

On Wednesday night, hecklers at a fundraiser, organized by the Laurier Club that requires a minimum contribution of $1,500 to join, called out Trudeau’s handling of mercury poisoning on the Grassy Narrows First Nation, he thanked them for contributing to his party’s coffers.

“Thank you very much for your donation tonight, I really appreciate the donation to the Liberal Party of Canada,” Trudeau said to cheers from the crowd.

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