Tech Fix: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review: A $1,000 Smartphone With Compromises

After I set up Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 Plus phone last week, I showed it to my partner and said with atypical enthusiasm, “Check it out — this phone has the fingerprint sensor built directly into the screen.”

I pressed my thumb down on the screen, where the fingerprint sensor was embedded. “No match,” a message on the phone read. I pressed down again and got the same message. After five failed attempts, it asked for a passcode.

“Great demo,” my partner said as she turned back to browsing Instagram on her phone.

A few days later, Samsung issued a software update that it described as a security patch for biometrics. After I installed it and re-enrolled my fingerprints, the Galaxy’s reader showed a marked improvement. The phone registered my print to unlock the phone the majority of the time, though there were still occasional failures.

My bumpy experience with the print sensor firmed up one conclusion: Face recognition is a more convenient method for unlocking phones, and Samsung is behind Apple in this area.

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